Junior Competitive

 Under 12 9 v 9 Format for 2018 and Beyond

All Under 12 competitions in Queensland will move from the current 11 v 11 format to 9 v 9 for the 2018 season and beyond.  Under 12 competitions will benefit from changing to a 9 v 9 program on smaller fields, to ensure players transition properly from the ALDI MiniRoos to the 11-a-side game.  This change is supported by academic research from around the world on the value of small sided games for developing technical ability and skill acquisition.

The new format offers a football experience not based on requiring bigger, stronger, faster players for success.  9 v 9 ensures more players are actively involved in play, on pitches that best suit the size, strength and stamina of the average Under 12 player.

The New Format 9 v 9 will provide Under 12 players with the best possible environment to hone the four Core Skills (striking the ball, first touch, 1 v 1 and running with the ball), while also acting as a stepping stone between ALDI MiniRoos and the 11-a-side game.

The Benefits:

This modified version of football maintains the integrity of the game without losing the essence of football.

• A ‘real’ football experience

• Extra touches on the ball during play

• More realistic 1 v 1 duals

• An introduction to additional roles and responsibilities of being a player

• An environment that allows the development of ‘game understanding’

• More practice time to develop skills appropriate to the modern game

• Development of shooting and finishing skills in a challenging goal size

• The goalkeeper has a realistic chance of saving shots

According to FFA guidelines, players between the ages of 10 and 13 are best served learning and practicing the four Core Skills:

• First touch

• 1 v 1

• Running with the ball

• Striking the ball

9 v 9 greatly increases the opportunities for players to get on the ball and hone these key skills.

For more information regarding the Under 12 format structure, contact Sarah Willington sarahw@footballqueensland.com.au


These age groups are known as Divisional or Competitive teams.

  • In these age groups, players will go through a grading/selection process. Players will be placed into teams that suit their ability. ONLY players who are registered with Pine Rivers can participate in the grading process, training sessions and games.
  • Parent Coaches and Managers will need to be nominated for every team.
  • Parent Coach and Manager to control games on weekends and training during the week.
  • Go to the Football Brisbane website which contains up-to-date details about the rules, field sizes and other relevant information.
  • All teams will play a home and away fixture series.
  • All fixtures are played for points towards a premiership and a finals series.
  • At the end of the fixture rounds the team on the top of the table will be the Premiers.
  • All teams will train 1 or 2 nights a week depending on the team’s division.
  • All players will wear Club Uniform to and from games – Club Polo Shirt, Long Black Trousers, Black Shoes and Socks. (Under 12 players are exempt from this requirement.)
  • All players must have Boots, Shin Pads and wear the provided club strip for games.
  • All players must wear shin pads for training
  • Official Football Brisbane Referees are supplied whenever possible. If Football Brisbane is unable to provide referees it is the responsibility of the home team to provide referees.
  • ONLY registered Pine Rivers players are eligible to attend training nights and play in games.

NOTE – Pine Rivers imposes no age restriction on junior girls playing in mixed gender teams of the appropriate age.


Please note more information regarding playing football in Brisbane can be found on the Football Brisbane website found at www.footballbrisbane.com.au/ . This includes the Rules of Competition which all coaches, managers, players and parents should become familiar with for the start of season.


In 2018, all match fees will be included in the player’s sign-on registration fees.  This negates parents having to find change every week to pay referees etc. and the Treasurer chasing teams for their payments.  This decision has been made due to the new Football Brisbane referee invoicing system.  


  • In the competitive age groups, players will go through a formal grading process. Players will be placed into teams that suit their ability. Previous team affiliations/friends are not necessarily able to be considered.
  • ONLY players who are registered with Pine Rivers can participate in training/assessment/grading sessions.
  • In allocating players to teams the Football Committee may need to take into account the need for coaches and/or managers in each team.
  • The Football Committee will make every endeavour to ensure that all “Divisional” teams play in the Division that suits their abilities.
  • The Football Committee will make every endeavour to place registered players into a team. In a very small number of instances this may mean that a player may have to be offered the option of “playing up” into a higher age group team if they are the only places left available. This option will only be taken with the full consent of the player and parents and only if the Football Committee believes that the player can handle playing in the higher age group.
  • Where the situation arises that there are insufficient numbers of players to enable a particular team to be fielded in an age group, the “playing up” option will be explored, and, failing that, the Football Committee will assist in identifying other Clubs who may be able to use players from such teams.