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Match Reports Week Ending 30th April 2017

U10 Spurs – 

Hi All, Today was warm,but our boys were hot to trot actually there was no trotting it was galloping all over the field. First and foremost Locky,! you were a legend in goal making great saves by diving,sliding and high jumping, then coming on field in the second half to display great defending. Liam was like a lightning bolt shooting across from one side to the other using his powerful kick to turn the game back into our favour, followed closely by Josh and Jye who seem to appear from nowhere to be everywhere.
Our favourite trio Jezza, Timmy and Chantz showed the opposition what happens when you work together as a team passing,tackling ( and I mean tackling hard ) and scoring over and over again. Not to be outdone Peter scored an amazing goal with proud mum looking on. Jerry and Rocco defended with enthusiasm fighting to take back the ball using fine skills and passion. A big thankyou to a little boy with a big heart who stood in for Cooper (get better soon Cooper) Jake from under 9 Komodo you certainly stepped up and left your mark with great tackles and long runs down that big field. Another fine performance.
Player of the match goes to Liam

Submitted by Gail, Manager

Match Reports Week Ending 23rd April 2017

U9 Everton – vs Penninsula Power
It was always going to be a tough game coming back from such a long break. The first half was hard fought with some great defending from Chase, Kaleb and Brodi. Linc was unlucky not to hit one in the back of the net with some great runs and Ashton showed he wasn’t afraid to take the opposition on with some great one on one challenges. The second half saw some more good runs from Blake and Kyson. Boyd and Aiden did well in defence to slow down the opposition and Riley pulled some amazing saves. All in all a tough game but a solid performance once again with everyone putting what they are learning at training into practice. Player of the week went to Kaleb who has put in a fantastic effort every game and has come such a long way from when he first started playing.
Chris – Coach

U10 Spurs – Who was that, that played Brisbane City on Saturday ???? Oh that would be the mighty SPURS that’s who and they won’t forget them anytime soon with that extremely close win to our boys.
Jye had his mojo on and wow he played an awesome game. Cooper, Liam and Josh were the mighty trio working together to form an impenetrable back line. Rocco made some good breaks down the left flank while Peter had the right covered coming so close to a tricky goal.
By this time of the game the opposition were gasping for air because our team were all over them like bees at a honey pot.
Jezza and little Jerry were zig zagging, side stepping, ball hopping and high tailing it down the field where Timmy and Chantz took over to make some magnificent passes and push up the score.
Locky was a legend on Saturday and every time you place those gloves on and stand fast in front of the goal. Saving a number of goals this game and great jumps to tip those high strikes over the net frustrating those Brisbane City boys.
The boys never disappoint with their commitment and hard work. We are in for a great season!!!!!! Player of the match this week goes to little Jerry well done !

Submitted by
Team Manager

Match Reports Week Ending 26th March 2017

U9 Everton Komodo Dragons – It was a fantastic effort from the boys after a tough first game of the season last week. Everyone came out firing with some great defense from Chase, Aidan and Brody and Riley doing some brilliant goal keeping. Blake opened the scoring half way into the first half with Linc firing another one in a short time later. The second half brought some great runs from Boyd, Ashton and Kaleb. North lakes managed to sneek a goal in but even though everyone of the boys were exhausted they came together in the end coming away with the first win of the season. I was so proud of everyone of them they have come so far already in this short time. Chris – Coach

U10 Spurs – Hi All, The second game of the season was played on a damp and heavy field, with their boots sinking deep into the mushy grass nothing could stop the boys from playing a fast and attacking game. Their was no end of great runs and precision kicks back and forth from one team mate to the other Jezza would smash it to Timmy you boys were leading the pack in soccer formations Chantz was jumping in and flying everywhere then little Jeremy seemed to appear from nowhere and all of them started a pin ball game resulting in a play of the day goal.Liam was just the trickster along with Josh their was some ballerina jumps back healed kicks and very tricky footwork but who put that bar on the side of the net Liam? (that was a great kick for goal). Cooper !! what defence and attack school are you from? awesome work I love that in your face and staying their attitude., Jye so close to another goal always backing up your mates Peter and Rocco had the sideline covered great defence and passes team work – team work everywhere. Now Locky, Locky Locky you are the goal keeper guru no ball was getting past you then second half fielding no one was getting past you. WELL DONE BOYS thriller of a game.

Submitted by
Team Manager

Match Reports Week Ending 19th March 2017

U10 Spurs – Hi All, Well isn’t it beautiful to watch a team come together and perform so in sync with each other. Our new players have come in with a bang, a tackle, a sprint, a goal and a lot of great defence so well done Cooper, Jye, Jeremy and Rocco. There was meant to be a storm, well there was lightning on the field with Jezza and Chantz those boys were fast and efficient. Peter, Liam and Timmy made some great runs using some tactical passes to achieve great results. Locky was awesome at goalie making some great saves and big kicks down the field to give our boys advantage, all your training has paid off. Josh tackled, ducked, skipped and swirled in the air leaving the opposition a little dazed. I must say all the goals scored were the result of great team effort. If this is a sign of things to come keep watching this space !!!!!

Thanks to my keeper of time Claire and my pen spotter Debbie and my extra fruit from Bronwyn no wonder our boys are such good team players they learn by example next week I will be sooo organised.

Submitted by
Team Manager



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