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(Kindy Football Programme)

Next year will see a transition from Squirts, which concludes in 2016, to MiniRoos Kick-Off, Australia’s national introductory football program.

Kick-Off is designed for boys and girls that are new to the sport and provides a stepping stone to the team-based MiniRoos Club Football (ages 5-11).

Football Federation Australia has given Queensland clubs special dispensation to register players for Kick-Off from as young as 3-years-old as we transition away from Squirts.

Do you have child keen to learn a new safe sport in a fun, friendly environment? Then our AIA Vitality MiniRoos Kick-Off program is just right for you.

The weekly sessions are the perfect introduction to the world’s most popular game for boys and girls aged between 3 and 5. Children are given a ball and have a ball!

Coaches take the class through a series of football drills that focus on fun before sticking on bibs and playing a match in the 45 minute sessions.

Every player gets plenty of time on the ball and the prime aim of each session is for children to build fundamental motor skills in a fun, engaging, and inclusive environment.

Each child also receives a AIA Vitality MiniRoos Participant Pack when they register.

What are the benefits of signing up your children to a Kick-Off program?

  • Make new friends and develop social skills.
  • Develop values of team work, co-operation, fair play, and respect for others.
  • Develop a child’s ability to make quick decisions and improve reaction time.
  • Keep healthy by getting active.

What are the benefits for parents?

  • Time friendly sessions and locations.
  • A nationally consistent program delivered by trained coaches.
  • Personal accident insurance provided.
  • Constant supervision for your children in a fun, safe, welcoming environment.
  • Enjoy a coffee with your friends while your children are happy on the pitch

Don’t forget, AIA Vitality MiniRoos Kick-Off program is the only national program that is run through Football Federation Australia (FFA).

AIA Vitality MiniRoos Kick-Off

Outcome 1

To deliver a fun, engaging, and structured football experience to beginning football participants, aged 4-9.

Outcome 2

To service the local football community through coaching, participation, or transition outcomes.

Benefits of AIA Vitality MiniRoos Kick-Off

Children’s Benefits

The shorter session times and program length facilitates an ideal introduction to football for new and developing participants. Benefits include:

• Fun, football game-based sessions that build fundamental motor skills;

• Non-competitive activities to improve confidence and selfesteem;

• Low participant-to-coach ratio resulting in greater individual engagement;

• Experience the football basics before progressing to AIA Vitality MiniRoos Club Football;

• Merchandise packs for new participants, including backpack, ball and more.

Parent’s Benefits

AIA Vitality MiniRoos Kick-Off is perfect for beginning football participants.

• 45 minute sessions make for easier time management;

• Fun session activities with players on the ball the whole time;

• A nationally consistent program ensures children can play it anywhere;

• Smooth introduction to local football.

Happy child equals happy parent!

Community Benefits

Introducing children to fun and engaging sporting activities at an early age will influence their decision to remain involved in sport as they grow older. A more active child means a healthier, smarter and more productive member of our community.


The First Kick-Off Programme commences

Saturday 4th February 8.00-9.00am

The Second Kick-Off Programme commences

Saturday 6th May

To register go to 

Any queries email Margaret at

Pine Rivers United  is pleased to be able to provide the Kick-Off program. The Kick-Off program was created by Football Queensland to develop the motor skills of 3 to 5 year olds and introduce them to football in a fun and learning way. This is the only recognized and endorsed program for children under the age of five and therefore participants and clubs will be covered by the State Insurance and Liability program.

Cost per new participant is $130 Mixed $110 All Girls

Both are a 10 week program)

If you would like to register for the Kick-Off programme please follow the instructions below. If you have any difficulties please email Margaret at

A minimum of 10 participants is required for the programme to go ahead. It is therefore imperative that you register your interest prior to the starting date.    

For More Information regarding the Kick-Off program please email


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